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Our main services in management are developed to suit different scenarios and needs, complex and uncertain situations, long and short term contracting, consulting and training. BB-MIT helps you start or transform into a strategy-focused organization by creating and developing a strategic plan, ensuring proper organizational structure with harmonious interaction of activities to return the best value of devoted resources.

Programs and projects management, development, assessment, and evaluation
Completion based on high standards assuring the achievement of end results within given cost and time constraints with equilibrium of constraints of scope, budget, schedule, quality, risks and resources.

Procurement management, enhancement, transparency and fast-tracking emergency cases
Create or enhance standard operating procedures with systematic manual, new approved vendor / standardized items list and assure that the goods and services are appropriate and are obtained at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality, quantity, time, and location. 

Logistics management, crashing scenarios and enhancement
Plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective, forward, and reverse flow and storage of goods and services; relates information between point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer's requirements.
BB-MIT develop the cycle of Procurement, Logistics and supply chain and offer training for better understanding

Budgeting, expenditures, coding and pipelining, next cycle, tracking, analysis, and transparency
Development of a quantitative report detailing express the strategic plans of divisions, organizations, activities or events in measurable transparent terms and plan for the defined time cycle, costs, expenses and resource quantities.

Resourcing, grants writing, and proposals
Researching, completing applications, and developing proposals for funding including supporting documentations and explanation of the conditions and grants manifest.
BB-MIT maintain the transparency through appropriate communications and documentation to assure the right path for outsourcing and grants.
Justifications for the top management: writing in systematic creative pattern supported by technologies, needed documents and outstanding ideas. 

BB-MIT has two different levels of coordinating: 1) transparent third party (i.e. inspector, investigator, evaluator, and observer) and 2) on-site coordination for your remote business, employees, and branches. We offer coordination through documentation, outside teams/management, evaluation, and inspection. Our coordination services provide a positive and intellectual work environment that promotes team collaboration to assist in the acquisition of an issue’s understanding and pinpoint areas in need of review. This allows for the avoidance of repetition and conflict, as well as ensures transparency and coherent action.

Strategic planning, organizing WBS, SOW, RAID, ASND.
Define strategies, control mechanisms, directions, and decisions on allocating resources to pursue the overall organizational goal.

Human capital management
Our services include HR matters and strategic planning, development and productivity, ethical obligation, analysis, change and effectiveness, learning and innovation.

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