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We offer planning, organizing, coordinating, executing and lecturing in management, information technology, and limited medical occupational subjects.

BB-MIT will create a custom and relevant training plan for your organization, after researching your instutions situation, to define the overall goal and executing patterns of the training program that align with your goal and style to meet the needs, government, ethical and legal obligations, in skillfully implementation on the ground.

After determining what training is needed, who needs to be trained and the best applicable/practical way to train adult learners/seniors,  we draw up a detailed blueprint, sign it with you to start the application, avoiding waste your time, money, and energy on not effective training that must fill the gaps.

Training programs are not just workshops/seminars/courses preparation and implementation; our training programs are wider to extensively cover your objectives, general and sub policies, jobs descriptions, HR complaints with employees records and performance, data gathering, and meet the notions of learning sat by your seniors to enhance learning experience,  in order to enable you to surpass competitors, and build up positive atmosphere inside your workplace among your staff through motivation for personal achievements, social relationships and well-being including opportunities for community work, stimulation that breaks the routine of work, and interests in learning that give staff knowledge for the sake of knowledge in order to be achieved powerfully, pleasurably in your platform.

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