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BB-MIT IT department specialized in computer security, network infrastructure and digital production, and offers computer and information technology contracting, consulting and training  programs to determine the organizational IT needs to meet work objectives. The services offered include: estimate, manage, implement, rehabilitate, deploy, and administer IT systems/networks.

Cyber Security: IT security is a leading concern for organizations in today’s technical world. Together we will define the gaps, analyze the risks and determine vulnerabilities.  BB-MIT will advice and recommend the best solution that fit into your needs and resources. This includes contracting for long or short term projects and implement a first, second and third line of defense- in human, software and/or machine platforms. BB-MIT has developed an IT security instructing program that offers level training to management and employees.

Computer Systems and Networks: BB-MIT has developed a comprehensive technological infrastructure program that determines computer networks, systems and technologies needed to bring your organization to the competitive market. Through analysis, we will develop a plan that includes specialized training, logic programming for intelligent/expert systems, and next generation networks that will offer your institution a road map to success.

Film Production: We are specialized in designing and producing storyboards, graphic designs and movies for presentations, promotions, awareness, donations and grants writing purposes. Our skilled, professional and creative production in movie form are aimed to reach specific audiences, maximize opportunities and donations.

Web and Graphic Design: Web marketing and graphic design is deemed the best way to reach your customers in today’s fast-pace world. BB-MIT team offers the development of creative marketable ideas that will present your business’s mission and vision in the form of webpage design. Web mastering includes creative web design, maintaining and revising contents, traffic analysis, and security.

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