Big Bend MIT  

Big Bend MIT is Cyber Security Engineering and leading provider in Management Information Technology 
Originated in Southwest Texas - Big Bend Region, BBMIT specializes in contracting, consulting, and training
We have exceptional experience in Artificial Intellegence technology and it's application. BB-MIT is able to take business issues from the root to the resolution.

In our ongoing effort to engage with our community, our residential department, Geeks SWAT, provides the highest qulity services at the lowest price in the market. Visit our social media for more details.

We are dedicated to develop foundation infiltrated with technology that includes fast tracking and crashing solutions, emergency response and long-term projects. It is the goal of BB-MIT to determine and exploit available grants and funding, beneficiaries and territories that can maximize profits; this is created by promoting and utilizing management standard protocols, reviews and techniques that are capitalized by effective computer science. 

BB-MIT helps entities improve performance by dissecting and diagnosing weak points with-in. It is our goal to provide the appropriate technology to improve performance and ensure the devoted resources are used effeciently by skillfully assuring intelligent interactions of movements, creating and developing strategies, building knowledge, and optimizing behavior. Our ability to systematically create, communicate and integrate technologies, functions and work manuals; allows our clients become exceptional at what they do. 
Code of Ethics
Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality, Competency, Social Impact and Diversity.

Big Bend MIT comprehends right from wrong and follows that understanding. We represent our capabilities honestly, with confidentiality of client information. We take our reputation seriously and ingest whether our actions would be respected in the present and future. We are accountable and responsible people.

It is our policy that all sales and services are final and return is not an option.

Our staff has been trained to deliver work of the highest quality that lives up to BBMIT’s standards and those of our clients.

At BBMIT, we strive for a diverse workplace and respect and encourage employees and their personal growth.  

WiFi Solutions
Our AI state-of-the-art solution provides Next Gen. WiFi at 6.4 GHz band offers uncluttered channels for the highest capacity, strongest signal, and fastest data transfer for all your smart home and bandwidth heavy devices. Scalability, wire-like stability, and blazing fast performance gauranteed. 
Cellular Signal 
If you have a bad cell reception and disconnected calls at your home or work place, Big Bend MIT has the right solution for you. With us you will have an increase Inside Coverage Area Up to 70,000 sq. Ft. and outside coverage area up to 650,000 sq. Ft. One bar to four bars gauranteed.
Comprehansive analysis of your situation will allow us to agree to furnish certain number of activities, material, equipment, and personnel to exceed stated requirements or specifications, at a mutually agreed upon price and within a specified timeframe. 
Big Bend MIT is specialized in cyber security, network infrastructure and ERP systems, and offers computer and AI solutions for ... 
We are specialized in TV mounting, sound systems and electronic media possessing, such as church services, corporate conferencing, and presentations. Our audiovisual encompasses in-ceiling speakers, large TVs 250"+ ...
Our main services in management are developed to suit different scenarios and needs, complex and uncertain situations, long and short term solutions. BB-MIT helps you transform into a strategy-focused ...
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